The Ababa Student Society is about allowing young people to make a real difference to the future of Ethiopia. We plan to work with universities and schools across in Ethiopia and Europe to start  Ababa Student Societies, where students will be able to contribute meaningful projects every year.

The selected projects each year will either focus on the promotion of health, education and poverty reduction in Ethiopia. The societies will be open to many young people across the world to work together towards one goal. Every student will play a different role, every student will seed a change and together we will grow to make big difference. As we see it we need to nourish our mind so we can flourish as a country.

Welcome to Ababa !

This Year’s Project

Ababa Hands - A disposable glove factory that will be manufacture for Africa.

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Why work with us

Everything that you see ​around us comes from a human’s minds, nothing was just brought down to earth from outer space. Every idea start as a figment of imagination, as a want, a need for difference, but it's the people or situations around them that makes it remain as an idea, as imagination.

We humans did not think about flying 1903. Instead we thought about it over 500 years ago but the reason we didn't fly then it’s not because we didn't think it’s because we didn't do. Wilbur and Orville Wright were not the first people to dream about flying but they were the first people to believe in it so much and work on it until it happened and they did. They became the first only because the others before the only wished for it, and probably shared the idea with some who told them it was impossible. This is because people only measure you through their own experiences rather than your capabilities.


And that's why we exist because today in 2011 we still believe that there is many people around the world  with great ideas but have not done anything about it because of the support system around them. By joining Ababa Student Society you will be able to meet people that believes you and your idea or you might not an have an idea of yet but together you can bring concepts that will reshape Ethiopia and many other countries.

We believe our mind is strong so strong that it's the only part of our body that we can not function without. We need to remember why our mind is so powerful because we are human, God has breathed life into us we have power he has gave us. That's why despite a lion being stronger than a man, its is a man that can cage him up.  

So lets not cage our minds let's remember and understand we are capable to do anything we want but that's with the right people around us and right tools with us because remember if we didn't have the right tools or people we wouldn't have been able to cage the lion up.


Everyone in Ababa Student Society will be carefully selected and will be put into a team where everyone empower each other with a governing rules to support them.


Everybody is like a part of the body, different functions, different laws, different roles but together we become one and that is what completes us. By being part of the society you will be able to connect with multiple like minded people, working as a team on to find innovative solutions to problems, together as a team.


Students are important to us because we believe they can provide a fresh outlook on what they believe the future of Ethiopia is. Every year there will be a new Ababa Project, and our students will be expected to bring forth new ideas, where the best one will be selected as a focus for that year. This means that every year we become one project closer to the future, a return of the great Ethiopia minus the few kinks, that caused the fall in the first place. These projects needs like minded people, like hearted people, people with a vision of a better Ethiopia and a mission to create a proposals that will turn ideas into a reality.

In order to make these dreams come true, everyone will be working as a group, broken down into teams, you will achieve skills such as collaboration, communication and patience, on a small scale and a larger scale. Improving these skills will directly correlate to them becoming more employable as potential employees. What the Ababa Student Society provides is an opportunity for young bright individuals to gain work experience, unlike anything before.

By becoming part of our society you can road test a job role of your choice. Which is one of the great things about gaining work experience, as a student, it gives you the chance to try things out to see if they suit you. And a real life experience in being part of an operation, or what doing a certain job is like. Ababa Student Society gives you the chance to physically experience this will all add up to your with knowledge that will enhance your job applications and interviews near future as you've gained a better understanding of the sector you want to go into, you'll be able to talk more authoritatively and ask questions that resonate with a potential employer. Having a degree is a tremendous asset when it comes to making yourself more employable, but it’s not the only way to stand out to potential employers so build useful skills that cannot be taught in the classroom.

And most importantly bring change to our Country!

This Year's Project

Ababa Hands

Ababa Hands will save lives by improving hygiene in hospitals across Ethiopia.

It will increase the availability of medical gloves by building disposable glove factory in Ethiopia, and the first factory within Africa to supply gloves for Africa. Our gloves will be latex free, which reduces chances of patients experiencing side effects due to allergic reactions.


This project will be designed by students, who believe the have the capability to inspire real change in Ethiopia, they will work in groups, broken down into teams to create a proposal of the project, we’ve decided students over any other demographic due to their open mindedness and their attention to detail. These students will increase their employability but most of all remember they made a massive difference to people’s lives.


For many hospitals, doctors do without, or re-use the same pair of gloves multiple times. With the increased availability of these gloves cross-contamination would be significantly reduced, and the spread of disease prevented among millions of patients.


In the future, the project also aims to produce a hand-sanitizer gel that can be distributed among hospitals in order to further eliminate cross-contamination. Furthermore in the future we wish to expand in building factories for other forms of basic medical equipment.  


What make this project unique among many projects held in Ethiopia and why we picked as this year’s project is its core values, we will ensure every single penny made in the country will be reinvested into strengthening the opportunity of manufacturing within the country in areas that have not been developed yet.


Beyond that we want to make everything here in Ethiopia including the machinery, materials that is required to set up the factory and plant the most exciting part of this project will be where that plant will be a place called Ababa Asfaw a place which will divert attention from Addis Ababa.

A place where Culture meets Technology, Wisdom meets Style and most importantly Creativity meets Reality.

Groups you will be working in

We created 8 groups which will be further divided into smaller teams which you will be able to join according to your passion and change you want to bring. You are more than welcome to apply to more than one group but please note that you will be selected for one if your application is successful. For further information click on the group links below and also please join our forum where you ask question as well as interact with other students.

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